the hardcore museum

Preserving Hardcore is a project of passion which has been evolving and expanding for the past two decades. Initially formed as a teenage-ran record label and "distro" in 2001 the concept had expanded to an online storefront and an increasingly notorious "pop-up shop" which has been known to frequent concerts, music festivals and record conventions all throughout the country.

In 2018 the hobby turned into a full-time endeavor and a grander vision was conceived. The goal quickly shifted gears into aspirations for a brick and mortar location which could not only serve as a retail outlet but also as a performance space and "hardcore museum"; the first of its kind.

The Hardcore Museum aims to be of interest to both someone who knows everything or nothing about hardcore.

Over 100 people of every age and geographical variation have been interviewed to piece together as close to an unbiased, factual history of this subculture as possible. The Hardcore Museum aims to provide both an entry-level understanding of the who/what/where/when/why alongside a slew of historically relevant memorabilia and artifacts.