Preserving Hardcore is a project of passion which has been evolving and expanding for the past two decades. Initially formed as a teenage-ran record label and "distro" in 2001 the concept had expanded to an online storefront and an increasingly notorious "pop-up shop" which has been known to frequent concerts, music festivals and record conventions all throughout the country.

In 2018 the hobby turned into a full-time endeavor and a grander vision was conceived. The goal quickly shifted gears into aspirations for a brick and mortar location which could not only serve as a retail outlet but also as a performance space and "hardcore museum"; the first of its kind.

While Preserving Hardcore will continue with its ongoing digital efforts it is now branching out with not only the physical retail location but also with the Hardcore Museum and performance space.


All three entities are located in the same building in the currently-revitalizing Downtown New Kensington area. A city with a rich and beautiful history which, despite once being renowned as "Little Chicago" for various reason, can be found 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA up Route 28.


The entrance can be found on the backside of the Magisterial District Court building at 1102 4th Ave New Kensington, PA 15068. The entrance can be found down the rear stairwell through the parking lot.